WEHRLE UMWELT GmbH was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of WEHRLE-WERK AG in order to consolidate into one unit, the various environmental activities of the WEHRLE Group.

WEHRLE-WERK AG has, since 1860, been involved in the energy and environmental industries.
2014 E&P Anlagenbau in Berlin becomes technology partner and systems supplier for deammonification plants, which WEHRLE will distribute from now on under the brand name BIOMOX®.
Start cooperations with CHEMITEC, Greece; IEC - Interregional Energy Company Ltd., Belarus; TEPSA, Colombia.
2013 WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH and the Turkish company GEZER Endüstri İnşaat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. signed a cooperation agreement.
WEHRLE do Brasil, in Brazil, was founded.
2009 Start cooperation with E-SQUARE Environment & Engineering Co. Ltd. in Thailand.
2008 Wehrle Environmental Technology Changzhou Co. Ltd continues to trade as a Chinese company under the name JS WELLE and works in the Chinese market within the scope of a cooperation agreement with WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH.
2006 First application of the WLR (WEHRLE loop reactor) technology in China. Commissioning of a pilot plant in Shanghai.
2005 TELWESA was created with two Spanish partners. TRATAMIENTOS DE EFLUENTES LIQUIDOS WEHRLE UMWELT S.A. offers our customers maintenance and service support as well as operational management in the Spanish market.
2004 WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH received the order from Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Kahlenberg to deliver a mechanical-biological solid waste treatment facility using the BIOPERCOLAT® process. This plant has a capacity of 100.000 tonnes/year.
2002 WEHRLE Environmental Technology (Changzhou) Co.Ltd. was founded. This staked a place for Wehrle technology in the rapidly growing Chinese environmental market. In the same year the environment technology department was separated from WEHRLE-WERK AG into WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH.
2001 A partnership for the French market was founded with OVIVE S.A.R.L, Roubaix.
1999 The founding of WEHRLE Environmental in Witney, UK.
1997 The development of a mechanical-biological solid waste treatment process began
1996 As a result of the increasing demand for environmental technology within the European Union, the environmental technology department of WEHRLE-WERK AG underwent a process of internationalisation. A sales office in Gijon, Spain was founded with the aim of developing the Spanish leachate treatment market.
1994 In order to meet the demands of the market with regards to managing plant operation, the service of environmental plants was separated into one company: WEHRLE-WERK Pro Service.
1991 WEHRLE-WERK AG brought into operation the first membrane bioreactor in the world that was designed for the treatment of special liquid waste. In cooperation with RWTH Aachen, further patents for new processes were registered, particularly in the field of secondary treatment (BIOMEMBRAT® plus - Process).
1987 In close cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, pressurised bioreactors with subsequent membrane filtration were registered as a patent (BIOMEMBRAT®- Process). WEHRLE-WERK AG received the license for this process.
1982 The Environmental Technology department was created within WEHRLE-WERK AG. In the first years the area of business mainly involved the planning and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment plants in Germany and Switzerland.
Today, about 50 employees are active in the area of environmental technology with about 40 employees working in Germany.