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In order to strengthen our good reputation on the European and global market, we are constantly working on offering our products in the best quality and at attractive prices. Since 1980, WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH has constructed over 170 modern and innovative wastewater treatment plants all over the world. Today, WEHRLE is operating and optimizing 15 wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Thanks to our professionals’ large experience, we are able to offer our clients an efficient service by always applying our latest and optimized products and processes.

All the products offered ensure 100 % compatibility of quality and materials according to our certificates ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, the CE regulations and the current health and safety regulations. The products of WEHRLE have been tested for their compatibility with sensitive biological plants. The chemicals offered are at first tested in our laboratory and employed by our engineers on the plants operated by WEHRLE. This helps us to achieve an optimal efficiency and security.

Numerous laboratory test assays prove that the different types of antifoam offered by WEHRLE Umwelt neither have a damaging effect on nitrogen-reducing bacteria nor cause damage or alteration of membrane material, as long as the chemicals are applied according to our recommendation. Moreover, the membrane cleaners we recommend are accurately tested by using different flow rate volumes as well as diverse membrane and module housings in order to exclude damages of the membrane units. The used cleaners can be diluted in the wastewater tank and be added to the biological process for treatment.

Our Online Shop ordering system enables our clients to order the required consumables quickly and easily. There our clients can also always find an updated price list as well as technical information about the offered products.

More than 40 clients already benefit from the comfort of ordering via internet. Attractive prices and a reduction of the delivery time are further advantages. The products of our Online Shop are:

  • different types of antifoam
  • membrane-conserving chemicals
  • activated carbon
  • pH-electrodes
  • antiscalantpressure transmitters 
  • cuvette tests
  • diverse pumps and spare parts
  • filter bags
  • UF/NF/RO modules
  • membrane cleaners

We have large process experience and know which consumables and operating modes are the key to a successful and economic operation of your plant.


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