Thai waste management company opts for WEHRLE's Reverse Osmosis Technology

There is a high demand for reverse osmosis technology (RO) for landfill leachate treatment, also in Thailand. It is already the fifth RO plant of this kind WEHRLE delivers to Thailand.

Together with its Thai cooperation partner E-Square, WEHRLE will supply a 2-step reverse osmosis plant to the landfill in Phetchaburi located in the south of Thailand. On site, approximately 125 m┬│/d of leachate with an extremely high COD and salt concentration are produced. In order to reduce the very high COD load of 12,500 kg per day (100,000 mg/l), the leachate is, in a first step, anaerobically pretreated. In a second step, it is led into the reverse osmosis for further treatment and desalination. The subsequent 2-step reverse osmosis unit reduces the remaining COD load as well as the salts by 99 %. The leachate is treated for direct discharge into a nearby river and for different kinds of reuse. The remaining concentrate is used for slag cooling.

The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for June 2017.

The advantage of WEHRLE's Reverse Osmosis Technology is its suitability even for direct concentration of highly organically and inorganically loaded leachate as well as of leachate with very high salt content.

December 2016