WEHRLE renews wastewater treatment plant of MBT plant in France

Former Membrane Bioreactor plant in Varennes-Jarcy
Former MBR plant in Varennes-Jarcy

After a longer operational interruption the plant for treatment of wastewater from the mechanical-biological waste treatment site in Varennes-Jarcy (France) will be recommissioned in May 2017.For this, the operator of the plant, which is located in the south-east of Paris, once again trusts in the competence of WEHRLE and engages the know-how specialist for treatment of complex wastewaters with the maintenance work as well as the recommissioning of the plant.

Ultrafiltration of the MBR plantThe wastewater treatment plant consists of a membrane bioreactor. The plant is redesigned to treat 28 m3 wastewater per day with a concentration up to 18,000 mg/l COD and 2,500 mg/l NH4-N. The treated wastewater will be discharged in a local sewer. 


December 2016