Process optimisation, Maintenance and Service

You decide to operate your treatment plant independently.

In order for you to obtain complete know-how of your plant and its operation, we provide extensive and individual service packages.

Service team WEHRLE
Our service team

These service packages can contain:

  • Maintenance schedules for all components according to manufactures specification
  • Assistance with obtaining necessary regulatory documentation (TÜV etc.)
  • The newest techniques in membrane cleaning
  • Process optimisation based on plant operating data
  • Benchmarking in comparison with other plants
  • Small modifications to pipework or changes to the control of your plant
  • Access to operating personnel when you are short staffed
  • 24 Hour emergency assistance for full service customers
  • Delivery of spare parts and operating materials (also with long term contracts)
  • Reports on the newest developments/trends in plant construction and operation
Furthermore, we can help with all aspects of plant operation including providing information and assistance regarding health and safety, chemical analysis and regulatory requirements as well as answering your questions regarding waste disposal etc.
Prozeßoptimierung, Wartung und Service
In comparison with other service providers, you will profit from the wide-ranging experience of WEHRLE-Umwelt GmbH, gained from our operation of 15 wastewater treatment plants and our construction of over 300.