Wastewater Laboratory, Pilot Plants

Abwasserlabor, Versuchsanlagen
At WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH we have the capability, in or fully equipped laboratory to test the characteristics of wastewater and/or membranes and/or activated carbon.

This includes amongst other things:
  • Testing of biological degradability in bench scale plants
  • Membrane test bed
  • Production of activated carbon isotherms
  • Activated carbon test plant - evaluation & test

With our pilot plants we have the ability to conduct trials on site.

We rent pilot plants and, if necessary, we can conduct the trials and produce a final report.

We have pilot plants that use the following technology (Some are mounted in containers):
  • Membrane bioreactors of various designs
  • Ultrafiltration plants
  • Nanofiltration plants
Pilot plant for wastewater treatment
Pilot plant for wastewater treatment
After discussion with our customers, we equip and configure our pilot plants in order to meet the demands of each trial.